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Empowering People

Prof. Laura Lynn Kerner continues to impact the world around her as she invests in the lives of college students on a day-to-day basis while providing professional speaking services nationwide!  Her experiences and life lessons have come from having a distinguished career with Internet software development companies and Healthcare organizations as well as being founder and CEO of an emergency management software development company.  She has also served as Vice President and Consultant to software development companies in Atlanta and as an Executive and Consultant to hospitals and physician practices.  She has been President of both professional and civic organizations and has been awarded many professional honors.  She was elected President and later honored as a Distinguished Member of the Mississippi Health Information Management Association.  Ms. Kerner continues to enrich people's lives by teaching Marketing and Business classes at Athens State University in Athens, Alabama.

To share invaluable life experiences and wisdom gained from years of training and application, Ms. Kerner is available for speaking engagements and seminars geared for equipping and empowering people to succeed. 

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Dr. Laura Lynn Kerner

Keys to Success

"Professor Laura Lynn Kerner's seminars teach valuable applications that position people for a positive tomorrow.  Working hard, valuing people, and facing fears are some of the virtues Ms. Kerner embraces and teaches people to champion." 

      ~Tom King Monrovia, AL