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Laura Lynn Kerner, BA, RHIA, MSM



ATHENS STATE UNIVERSITY                 Athens, AL                                     2002 - Present     Adjunct (2002-2006) and Associate Professor in School of Business teaching Market Research, Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Retailing, Marketing Principles , Business Policy,  Change Management, Introduction to e-Commerce, Internet Marketing, and International Business. 

 RECALL SYSTEMS, INC.                           Atlanta, GA                                        2001 - 2002   Developer of Training Manual and Training Structure for User’s Group Instructor for Training Sessions                                                                                      Developed training manual for installation and use of Internet software product.  Selected instructors, developed training outline, scheduled training sessions, and was a major contributor to Training Sessions as an instructor.

FLORIDA HOSPITAL                                 Orlando, FL                                                                            1998          Instructor teaching physicians to use a computerized medical records system.

 BAPTIST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL           Oxford, MS                                                 1993 Instructor teaching Total Quality Management principles and processes.

 SURGICAL ASSOCIATES, Inc.                      New Albany, MS                                                        1992 Instructor teaching medical and billing coding.

 GREENVILLE TECHNICIAL COLLEGE           Greenville, SC                                         Department Head of the School of Health Information Technology                            Obtained initial accreditation for school, developed course curriculum and schedules, hired instructors, counseled students, obtained practice sites for students and taught classes in Health Care Organizational Management, Management of Health Information Systems, Statistics, Medical Terminology and Coding. 

UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER    Jackson, MS                                            Dean of School of Health Information Administration                                       Became the youngest Dean of a School of Health Information Administration in the country.  Responsible for accreditation of school, development of class schedules, acceptance of students, obtained directed practice sites for students and taught class in Health Care Organizational Management, Team Building, Human Resource Management, Management of Health Information Systems, Statistics, Operations Management, Project Management and Development of Operational Procedures.


II.                EDUCATION:

FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY      Melbourne, FL                                           2005                    Completed 15 additional credit hours in Marketing Courses

FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY         Melbourne, FL                                        2001             Master of Science in Management

ROLLINS COLLEGE                                               Winter Park, FL                                                   1997      Certificate in Financial Planning qualifying to sit for the financial planning exam.

UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER        Jackson, MS                                                Post Graduate Work in Health Information Management                                        Passed National Exam given by American Health Information Management Association, Chicago, IL, to become a Registered Health Information Administrator                                                                                

UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI                             Oxford, MS                                                                 Bachelor of Arts in Home Economics - Interior Design    Minors – English and Journalism



Driven2, Inc.                        Athens, AL                                      2006-2007 Partner Founder and co-owner of event planning and marketing company specializing in large event planning.

  Secured country music entertainers for country music concert, a fund raising event for a    non-profit organization.

  Developed and executed marketing strategy for event.

  Contracted with staging, lighting and sound companies for concert.

  Oversaw all operations on the day of event.

4Cit TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Atlanta, GA/Athens, AL 2003-2004   President and CEO                                                                            Founder and owner of software development company specializing in emergency management systems for hospitals, government agencies, schools and critical industries

            ♦ Designed content and user interface (Internet screens) for software product.

            ♦ Wrote specifications for development of database.

            ♦ Developed marketing and sales strategy by doing a competitive analysis of

               software companies in the emergency management space, obtained strategic

               partners and obtained newspaper publicity for company.

            ♦ Hired programmer and system analyst and oversaw product development.

            ♦ Wrote Users manual.

RECALL SYSTEMS, INC.           Atlanta, GA                                                         2001 – 2002                            Vice President of Operations, Marketing and Sales                                            Software development company supplier of Fax and Internet products that displayed health benefit information for Third Party Administrators (TPAs) to their clients: self-insured companies and their employees and physician providers.  Goal was to grow company to position it for sale.

            ♦ Highest sales producer in company.  Assisted customer (TPA) in sales

               presentation to a prospective client that resulted in $2,000,000 contract for TPA.

            ♦ Oversaw company operations, including programming staff, creating a plan

               for the company to deliver the software product to customers on timely basis.

            ♦ Developed and executed a sales and marketing strategy that doubled the

               company’s revenue in one year.

            ♦ Developed customer relations department and improved customer relations.

            ♦ Designed material to increase client usage of Internet application.

            ♦ Developed training material and training seminar for Users.

e-HEALTH CLAIM, INC.         Huntsville, AL                                                           1999 – 2000                     Vice President  - Sales, Marketing, and Product Development                                    Co-founder and consultant to this Internet start-up company that developed a software product for Third Party Administrators (TPAs) to display health benefit information for Human Resources staff of self-insured companies and their employees.

♦ Developed marketing and sales materials and closed 80% of sales

♦ Developed software’s User interface (Internet screens).

♦ Secured marketing agreement with major software vendor to sell to their customer base and secured contracts with strategic partners.

♦ Developed creative methods to inform Human Resource staff and employees of the Internet services and how to use them: a challenge as the Internet product was not used by the purchaser but by their clients (self-insured employers and employees).  Use of the product would give the TPA a competitive advantage in the marketplace.                

FLORIDA HOSPITAL           Orlando, FL                                                                       1996 - 1998   PracticeAdministrator                                                                                    Directed operations and marketing initiatives at 4 clinical sites for Osteopathic Residency program for this large teaching hospital.  Clinics included a Family Practice site, 2 Pediatric sites, and 1 OB-GYN site. Responsible for implementation of a complex patient scheduling, billing and health information management software product at Celebration Health located at Celebration, Disney’s City of the Future.

♦ Designed space, interiors, and marketing strategy for innovative combined OB/GYN and Pediatric clinic (one-stop-shop) in strip mall which became a showplace for Florida Hospital.

♦ Successful marketing campaign added $500K in revenue

♦ Merged 5 individual physician practices, overseeing construction, recruitment and training of staff and all operations.  Smooth operations praised by physicians within 2 months of merger.

♦ Turned around 3 clinical residency sites with $5 million budget and increased revenue by     30%.

HOLMES REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER   Melbourne, FL                 1993 - 1995            Director of Health Information                                                                     Directed operations of the Health Information Management Department in this 528 bed hospital with a 60 bed satellite facility.  Departmental personnel totaled 45 and the medical staff of over 500.

♦ Developed operational processes and teams that successfully turn around a the problematic department with a 9 month filing backlog to 3 days.

♦ Reduced inpatient accounts receivable billing from 28 days to 13 days and outpatient accounts receivable from 18 days to 4 days.

♦ Successfully passed a Joint Commission on Accreditation survey, a national accrediting agency for healthcare facilities.  

BAPTIST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL of NORTH MISSISSIPPPI                      1990 - 1993            Director of Medical Review              Oxford, MS                                                                                        Directed operations of four departments in this 150 bed hospital with a staff of 30.

♦ Turned around 4 problematic departments: Health Information Management, Transcription, Social Service and Utilization

♦ Created the first multidisciplinary team in the country to maximize decrease length of stay and maximize reimbursement by integrating the departments of Health Information Management, Social Service and Utilization Review.  The results were so outstanding that the concept was copied by hospitals throughout the country.

♦ Responsible for interior design of new hospital building.

♦ Designed, planned and purchased all furnishings and interior/exterior signage.

♦ Designed layout of proposed outpatient diagnostic facility.

♦ Praised by Joint Commission on Accreditation surveyor as “having the best medical record department of any hospital surveyed.”

DELTA GAMMA SORORITYUniversity of MississippiOxford, MS              1993        House Director                                                                                        Responsible for sorority house operations and sorority’s social activities while maintaining Director’s position at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

PONTOTOC HEALTH SERVICES, INC.    Pontotoc, MS                           1987 - 1990            Director of Business Office                                                                              Directed operations of Admissions, Business Office, Health Information Management, Utilization Review and the Information System.

            ♦ Responsible for financial turnaround of hospital from an unprofitable status to

               one that became profitable. 

            ♦ Integrated the operations of the four departments to improve billing accuracy,

               decrease length of stay and dramatically lower days in accounts receivable.

            ♦ Instituted an in house collection system and admission accuracy system.

            ♦ These creative approaches were published in national professional magazine.

LAURA LYNN’S INTERIOR                                                                          1986 - 1998                        President                                                                                                            Sole proprietor of interior design company specializing in residential, commercial and healthcare.  Designed floor plans, lighting, interior/exterior finishes, furniture selection and purchases, interior and exterior signage and art selection.

TENNESSEE CHRISTIAN HOSPITAL   Madison, TN                                                                    Director of Health Information Management                                                    Directed operations of Health Information Management Department, Medical Library and Medical Staff Department.  Improved efficiency and maintained Joint Commission accreditation status.

CINCINNATI GENERAL HOSPITAL    Cincinnati, OH                                                              Assistant Director of Health Information Management                                Responsible for assisting Director in overall operations of Health Information Management Department, specifically responsible for filing and incomplete chart areas. Improved efficiency in department while dealing with Union issues.

 GREENVILLE GENERAL HOSPITAL SYSTEM   Greenville, SC                                              Assistant Director of Health Information Management                                Responsible for assisting Director in overall operations of Health Information Department, specifically responsible for filing and microfilming areas.  Assisted Director in turnaround of Department.

 UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL               Jackson, MS                                                                                  Assistant Director of Health Information Management                                Responsible for assisting Director in overall operations of Health Information Department, specifically the filing area. Selected to be Dean of Health Information Management School.



 Marketing Management Association                                                      Member                          2005 - Present

American Health Information Management Association                   Member                         1965-Present

Georgia Health Information Management Association                Member                                    2001-2003

Alabama Health Information Management Association               Member                                 1998 - 2005

Mississippi Health Information Management Association        President and VP                   1975-1993  

Southeastern Region Health Information Management Association        Treasurer                         1984   

Health Related Professions Alumni Association UM                President                                  1985 Present 


International Tourism Summit                                                                                          May 2007                    Huntsville, AL

Allied Academics International Conference                                                              October  2005       Las Vegas, NV

Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ASBE)                     April 2005    Memphis, TN

Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Meeting                   November 2004   San Antonio, TX

Southern Management Association Meeting                                                              November 2004  San Antonio, TX         

International Academy of Business and Public Administration                    May 2004    Disciplines                                                                                                                                                                     Tunica, MS

Marketing Management Association Consortium in Teaching                      September 2003     Excellence for Early Career Professors                                                                                               Nashville, TN

Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)                 February 2002    Atlanta, GA

Eldorado Computing Conference                                                                                         July 2001    Phoenix, AZ

Resource Information Management Systems Conference                               June 2001    Chicago, IL     

Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)                 February 1994 Phoenix, AZ

National Meeting of American Health Information Management                 October 1986    Atlanta, GA

President’s Meeting American Health Information Management                 December 1985    Chicago, IL

Mississippi Health Information Management Association                                 1975 - 1992    Jackson, MS

National Meeting of American Health Information Management                 October 1972    San Francisco, CA


The Chinese as Customers.  Laura Lynn Kerner, Robert D. Gulbro, Jim Kerner & Linda Shonesy,  presented in  2007.

Changes Occurring in Advertising Today.   Laura Lynn Kerner, Robert D. Gulbro & Jim Kerner, presented at Academic Business World International Conference (2007).

Small Firm Success in the International Marketplace.  Robert D. Gulbro, Laura Lynn Kerner, Jim Kerner & Linda Shonesy, submitted for publication to Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship (2006).

An Innovative Methodology for the Principles of Marketing Course.  Laura Lynn Kerner, Robert Gulbro, & Jim Kerner, presented at Allied Academics International Conference,  Las Vegas, NV, published in  Proceedings of Academy of Marketing Studies,10, 2, 21 (2005).

What Small Business and Small Hospitals Should Know About Employee Retention.  Jim Kerner, Laura Lynn Kerner, Robert D. Gulbro, & Linda Shonesy, presentated at Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Meeting, Alberquque, NM, published in Proceedings of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (2005).

Small Firms May Succeed Internationally Through the Use of Global Partnering.  Robert D. Gulbro, Laura Lynn Kerner, Jim Kerner & Linda Shonesy, presentated at Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Meeting, Alberquque, NM, published in Proceedings of Small Business and Entrepreneurship  (2005).

HIPPA Privacy White Paper. Laura Lynn Kerner and members of WEDI-SNIP Privacy and Security Workgroup, published at, (2002).   



Conducting research on problems and issues faced by college and university                            2006    women.

Conducting research on latest trends in Internet marketing practices.                                           2006

Conducted research on innovative teaching methodologies.                                                               2005

Conducted market research focus groups to determine market for new fabric products,        2005 pricing of product and other ideas for this new fabric created by Atlanta based company.                         

Competitive analysis market research conducted for Atlanta software developer on               2003 software companies with emergency ambulance reporting and billing software.      

Competitive analysis market research conducted for Atlanta software development               2002 company on companies with personnel accountability systems.                                

Competitive analysis market research conducted for Atlanta software development               2002 company on companies with emergency management software and systems.           

Competitive analysis research of companies with new products entering the market               2002 after 9/11 for Atlanta software development.                                                             

Researched assigned sections of the Federal Register concerning HIPPA’s Privacy                   2001 regulations for WEDI-SNIP Privacy and Security Workgroup’s White Paper.         



Partner in

driven2, LLC                                     Athens, AL                                                         2006 – 2007                        Providing consulting, marketing and promotional expertise for event planning and execution.

Executive Marketing Consultant for

Glowmax Technologies, Inc.             Atlanta, GA                                                         2005                Provided marketing expertise regarding prospective markets, product pricing and product suggestions for a new fabric created by company.

Upland Software, Inc.                        Atlanta, GA                                              2001 - 2003                Conducted market research for this software company on the feasibility of entering new markets; also did competitive analysis in five different market spaces to determine markets where new product lines could be developed.   

Y2K Consultant

Athens Limestone Hospital             Athens, AL                                                        1999                    Evaluated Y2K impact on hospital; developed and implemented Y2K compliance and contingency plans, improved hospital’s disaster management plans. Chaired the Y2K Committee. Coordinated and effectively communicated hospital’s Y2K compliance requirements with various community entities and governmental agencies.

Hospital and Physician Practice Consultant                                     1975 - 1993

Consultant to hospitals and physicians’ practices in North Mississippi. 

  Provided hospitals with health information management and physician practice expertise to meet State regulations for licensing and to meet Medicare requirements.

  Provided physician practices with operational expertise in procedures and processes, physical and interior design to effectively market their practices, to improve patient satisfaction and increase profitability.

♦ Provided physician practices with coding expertise to increase reimbursement.

Health Information Management Consultant                   1972 - 1973

Health Information Management consultant for Tennessee Hospital Association and Tennessee Peer Review Organization. 



Completed 5 Masters level marketing courses at Florida Institute of Technology       2005

Allied Academics International Conference (Las Vegas, NV)                                               2005

Small Business and Entrepreneurship Meeting (San Antonio, TX)                                  2004 - 2005

Blackboard Course Planning & Creation Training  (Athens State University)                 2004

Blackboard Control Panel: Assessment Tier Training (Athens State University)            2004

“Successful Entrepreneurship in Technology Industry” – speaker from Alabama       2003    Information Technology Association 

Grant Writing Course (Clayton Community CollegeAtlanta, GA)                                       2003

Dimitrius, J. & Mazzarella, M (1999). Reading people. Ballantine Publishing                    2002            Company.

HIPPA Compliance (Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.) workshop                          2001

Training on Electronic Software for Patient Scheduling, Medical                               1997-1998            Billing, and Creation of Electronic Medical Record

Ambulatory Coding Training (Florida Hospital)                                                                    1996

Physician Practice Financial Management Training (Conomikes)                                        1996

Patient Flow Management Training (Conomikes)                                                                      1996

Training in Risk Management – The Cost of Not Knowing (Florida Hospital)                    1996

Every 2 years a minimum of 30 contact hours of continuing education          1985 - Present                        is a required by the American Health Information Managers Association                                                     for maintenance of Registration status.  I consistently meet this requirement                                                 in the fields of technology, management development, and performance                                     improvement and have done so for the past 15 years.  Generally I obtain                                                         on an average of 30% more CE hours than the minimum requirement.                                      

Subscription and reading of the following publications:                                           2001 - Present

            Business Week


            Harvard Business Review

            Wall Street Journal

            The Economist

            Financial Times



“Understanding Marketing and How to Successfully Create “Brand Me” presentation to American Society of Women Accountants                                                                       2007

“Managing Change Today” presentation to North Alabama Health Information Managers.                                                                                                                                                 2003

“Installation and Use of NetRecall” each quarter conducted 2 day training program for Users of Recall Systems, Inc.’s Internet product.                                                        2001 – 2002

Speaker for “Walk to Emmaus” Programs in Mississippi                                         1985 - 1986

“The Place of Arts in Schools” member of a forum presenting new educational ideas to the faculty of the New Albany City School System                                                      1984 


Assistant                     Art Display-Black History Athens State University                          2006

Contestant                  American Idol Contest    Athens State University                             2005

Booth Worker             Fiddlers’ Convention      Athens State University                             2003 -2005 Contributor                       Faculty Brunch     Athens State University                                     2004 - 2005



President - Art on the Square, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to             promoting the arts in Athens and Limestone  County.  2006-2007.

Feature of Article - Networking Between Classes,”  The Athenian,  Spring 2006.

Feature of Article - Adjunct Spotlight,” Athens State Adjunct Newsletter,  December 2005.

Student Appreciation - Award presented by Marketing Strategy Class Award                                Summer 2005

Feature of Article - “Valley Visionaries, People Who are Building a More Prosperous and Livable Tennessee Valley,” The Decatur Daily, February 22, 2004.

Feature of Article - Merging Departments to Increase Profitability,” Medical Record Briefings, a monthly newsletter that provides the best new ideas in health information management, April 1990.   

Distinguished Member - Mississippi Health Information Management Association

Board of Directors - University of Mississippi Alumni Association    President                    Mississippi Health Information Management Association

Treasurer - Southeastern Health Information Management Association

Treasurer - Mortar BoardUniversity of Mississippi

President Theta Sigma PhiUniversity of Mississippi national honorary society for women in journalism

Miss Hospitality - representing the City of Hazlehurst, MS in the State’s Miss Hospitality contest



Cwens University of Mississippi national scholarship and leadership honorary organization for sophomore women

Alpha Lambda DeltaUniversity of Mississippi honorary scholastic organization for freshmen women

Personnel Bureau of the Associated Student Body University of Mississippi chosen by University President

 Sigma Alpha Iota – University of Mississippi national honorary music fraternity

University Concert Singers University of Mississippi group selected via audition to tour for University

 Committee of 100 – University of Mississippi group selected to promote religious emphasis programs



President                         Art on the Square                                                              Athens, AL

Member                            Daughters of the American Revolution                   Athens, AL/New Albany, MS

Member                             Young Professional Women’s Book Club                Atlanta, GA

President                          Friends of the Library                                                     New Albany, MS

Chairman                     Downtown Renovation and Beautification  Project

Chairman of Projects        New Albany Garden Club                                    New Albany, MS

Program Chairman          Junta Book Club                                                        New Albany, MS