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Dr. Laura Lynn Kerner 

Ms. Kerner grew up in south Mississippi at her father's home place with an extended family that included her grandmother and two aunts.  Her childhood was spent wandering and exploring the wooded farm land and working in her Mother's flower and gift shop.  She learned from her mother the joy of learning, to work hard and the excitement of new experiences and the cultural arts. From her father she learned to respect all people, to be a person of integrity and to be the best you can be:  " If you're a ditch digger, be the best ditch digger you can be."

She graduated from the University of Mississippi in Home Economics but attended graduate school in Health Information Management at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and continued in that field for a number of years.  She was the wife of a General Surgeon who practiced in north Mississippi where she raised their 3 children.

Through many difficulties she learned that the true secret to successful living is to like yourself, to believe that there is good and exceptional ability in us and that there is a purpose for every life.

Early in her career Ms. Kerner became the youngest Dean of Health Information Management to be approved by the American Health Information Management Association.
  Ms. Kerner was also the first in the country to create a multidisciplinary team in hospitals which has since been adopted by hospitals nationwide. She is now Assistant Professor of Marketing at Athens State University and speaks and writes extensively on business and life management topics.

Her passion now is to teach others some of the things that she learned in her childhood and in adult life and to be able to change one life at a time by inspiring people to like and respect themselves and to become all that they can be.